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This determined, busy mother-of-4, found it almost impossible to find time to get to a gym due to her hectic schedule. She purchased the ‘Laura Dorgan Fitness App’ which allowed her to workout in a time frame which suited her - from the comfort of her home.  

Áine, from Northern Ireland, was studying nursing in Wales. Áine lost 5kg or 11lbs! in just 5 weeks on the “Laura Dorgan Fitness App!" 

This lady purchased a 12-week Fitness & Nutrition package on the LDF App but had a few setbacks along the way.  


One week she had minor surgery and for two weeks post-surgery her workouts were restricted as she couldn’t use her lower body. During those 2 weeks I worked on giving her customised programmes for her upper body and core as well as stability work so she could still feel good.  


On her last check-in she weighed-in at losing 4kgs. Going from 61.7kgs down to 57.5kgs!! 😍  Now here’s a lady who is truly determined and nothing will hold her back from looking and feeling her best.


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