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About The Laura Dorgan Fitness App

Transform Your Body For The Long-Term With The Laura Dorgan Fitness App! 

If one on one sessions are not practical for you but you still want the proper guidance, structure and motivation to achieve your goals, my very own Fitness App offers a fantastic alternative.  


This app has over 400 video demonstrations, each performed and narrated by me ensuring you perform each exercise safely and effectively as well as making sure you get the most from your workouts!!  


I will create a tailored made programme designed specifically for you with your progress tracked weekly. On the ‘Laura Dorgan Fitness App’ I will send you weekly workouts, customised to your personal goals, so you know exactly what to do whether you are in a gym or working out at home, simply by clicking on my app.  


So now I can be your very own personal trainer, any time, anywhere!!  


The app has been so popular since its 2017 launch that I developed it further by adding a nutrition feature allowing me to customise your meal plans.  Nutrition counts for about 80% of your fitness goals and I customise 3 meals a day for you; breakfast, lunch, and dinner while also providing you with tasty and healthy snack recipes!

What You Get



Customised meal plans

Recipes and cooking instructions

Detailed shopping list alongside each meal plan provided

Any questions? No problem! You can message me directly through the app.

Individually customised training plans

4-5 new workouts each week

Home or gym workouts

Sync the app to your Apple watch or Fitbit  





Tracked progress, stats and workouts during our weekly check-ins

Before and after pictures (optional) can be uploaded to your profile

Suitable for Beginners

Stretching and foam rolling exercises given

Interest Form

To register your interest, please take the time to fill out the information below.


Laura Dorgan

Fitness App

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